When the deep sea is calling, Crusader OFFSHORE SERIES is there to answer.

Captain's Choice 6.0


The Captain’s Choice 6.0, a 6.0 liter GM Vortec engine, is rated at 375 horsepower. The latest in automotive technology adapted for marine use, the 6.0 is the strongest and most fuel efficient engine in its class.

‏The Captain’s Choice 6.0 features high performance aluminum heads, Crusader’s Patented Catanium Clean Emission System and is fully freshwater-cooled. The distributorless ignition with platinum tip spark plugs stretches maintenance intervals into years. The serpentine belt system with auto-tension makes it easy to change the impeller.

‏The Captain’s Choice 6.0 features the industry’s first modular raw water pump, with direct-engine mount – no brackets for increased durability. The stainless steel pump is tough and specially engineered for the demands of the marine environment. The 6.0 is super quiet, incredibly smooth, provides high performance and cruising efficiency. For all this power, the 6.0 still runs on standard octane fuel while the competition’s high performance engines require premium.